Gujarat man had a grand wedding but, without a bride!

A 27-year-old Gujarat man’s long-standing desire to have a grand wedding like his relative was achieved lately at Himmatnagar. Nevertheless, one crucial element was missing during the wedding – the bride. However, the unavailability of a bride did not stop Ajoy Barot’s family from achieving his dream of having an extravagant wedding. The family proposed a wedding without a bride but assured all Gujarati traditions and customs were followed diligently. Like all Gujarati weddings, the family held mehendi and sangeet ceremonies which were attended by their friends and relatives. On the day of the marriage, Ajay was dressed in a golden sherwani, a pink headwear, and a red and white rose garland.

The wedding procession, in which Ajay rode a horse, was accompanied by over 200 people who danced to the tune of Gujarati songs. “My son was diagnosed with a learning disability and lost his mother at an early age. He used to enjoy the wedding procession of other people and asked us about his marriage. We were unable to answer his question as it was not possible to find a match for him,” Ajay’s father Vishnu Barot told.

“I decided to arrange a wedding procession for him so he feels like his wedding is being held and his dream is accomplished,” he added. Ajay’s uncle told the news agency that he is very passionate about music and dance, particularly the type he gets to see at weddings. “He never misses any wedding in our village. After seeing my son’s marriage in February, Ajay used to ask us about his wedding. When my brother came up with an idea to fulfil his son’s wish, we all stood by him and chose to have his varghodo like any normal wedding,” Ajay’s uncle Kamlesh Barot told the news agency.

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