Gautami on her Break up with Haasan

Shruti Haasan who was busy in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages is now in a shiftless state and is seeking to sign new projects. The heroine is yet to sign the dotted line for a new project and the long wait remains. In this case, the actress flew back to London for obvious reasons.

Veteran Actress Gautami who lately broke up with her live-in partner Kamal Haasan has admitted that Shruti and Akshara Haasan are not accountable for their break-up. Some parts of the media reported that Shruti and Akshara were the sole reason for the parting and responding to those reports, Gautami has spilled the beans.

The heroine who explained this in her Blog has addressed, “Both Shruti and Akshara are wonderful young ladies who I knew as children and I remain to look upon them as such until today. Neither of them has any liability for the breakdown of the relationship. That rests only on Mr Haasan’s change in duty and my incompetence to admit that compromise and damage my self-respect.”

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