Fun shower essentials to the rescue

What is the better way to begin your day than to groove all your favourite songs? Music has been proven to improve your mood scientifically. Nevertheless, if the idea of having someone singing to you in the shower makes you feel very uncomfortable, shower speakers are available online very easily and also inexpensive. Go ahead and choose some upbeat songs for being the headliner of your very own concert.

If you suck at super frothy lux baths, but your bathroom is little cosy, soapy pockets are your saviours. These pouches turn your humble bar of soap into a big foam machine.

Give your skin the royal treatment during leisurely mornings. Whether you make one at your own house or purchase one at one of the many funny sheet masks that are available in the market, do your skin a solid before you go to shower.

If you are straining your back and neck always for keeping that precious hair from getting soaked, then you will need shower caps for kissing goodbye to those acrobatic manoeuvres. They contain protection for keeping your hair dry and tangle free to prevent breakage.

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