France to move a proposal for banning JeM Chief

According to the information received from French sources, France is going to move a proposal at the United Nations, in a significant development, in a couple of days for banning the chief of the UN proscribed Jaish-e-Mohammed Masood Azhar after JeM claimed responsibility of the Pulwama terror attack.

This is going to become the second time that the country will be party for such a proposal at the United Nations. The United States, supported by France and United Kingdom, had moved a proposal in 2017 at The Sanctions Committee for banning the chief of the Pakistan based terror outfit.

The proposal was however blocked by China. This decision by France was discussed between diplomatic advisor to the French President Philippe Etienne and national security advisor of India Ajit Doval.

The French leader expressed his sincere condolences and called the national security advisor emphasising that the two countries need to co-ordinate their diplomatic efforts.

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