Fans choose Avengers nail arts and manicures for waving goodbye

With the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers: Endgame now released  in the theaters, this is going to mark the end of a storyline in the MCU that required 22 movies to narrate that is no cake walk.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans all across the globe are honoring the feat, and their favorite superheroes for making them exercise all sorts of emotions, on social media this time with the #ThankYouAvengers.

The positive comments, tweets and posts, and sometimes very emotional ones show the vastness of the MCU fandom. 

Whether the MCU fans express their love with movie ticket stub collections, personal pictures, fan art, tattoos or even marvel-inspiree makeup, it’s clear that Marvel Universe has left a very prominent and substantial mark on our lives. 
Besides all the activities and emotional Marvel posts and confessions happening on social media, fans of Avengers: Endgame and the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe, for that matter, are nailing their tributes to the Marvel universe. Twitter and Instagram is flooded with Avengers: Endgame lovers and Marvel fans creating beautiful nail art and dedicating their manicures to Marvel superheroes and villains also.

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