Espresso coffee recipe

Kick start your daily routine on a healthy note awakening your senses with a refreshing cup of espresso coffee. this beverage is easy to prepare at home and is surely going to be a favourite of everyone.


  • Milk- 3 cup
  • water- half cup
  • coffee powder- 2 teaspoon
  • sugar- as per taste
  • chocolate syrup- as per taste
  • drinking chocolate- 1/4 teaspoon.


Boil milk in a bowl on medium flame. Add coffee powder, sugar and water to the blender jar for grinding it until it forms a foamy liquid. When the milk slowly starts boiling and rises upwards, add the blended mix to it.

Simmer for a minute and remove from the flame when the boil comes again. Go ahead and pour your frothy espresso into the coffee mugs and sprinkle some chocolate powder.

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