End of an era! Karl Lagerfeld, the superstar fashion designer, passes away at 85

Karl Lagerfeld, who enjoyed the stature of a god among mortals in the world of fashion has passed away at 85 in Paris after a prolonged illness.

The German-born designer, who was the creative director for Chanel and Fendi, was one of the industry’s most prolific figures and worked up until his death.

Lagerfeld also designed collections for his own brand and collaborated with high street brand H&M.

Many fashion industry big-shots have paid tribute to the iconic designer Lagerfeld, including Italian designer Donatella Versace and Henry Holland.

He was born Karl Otto Lagerfeldt in 1933 in pre-war Germany. Lagerfeld changed his original surname from Lagerfeldt, because he believed it sounded “more commercial”.

He emigrated to Paris as a young teenager, and became a design assistant for Pierre Balmain, before working at Fendi and Chloe in the 1960s.

But the designer was best known for his association with the French label Chanel.

He began his long career with the fashion house in 1983, a decade after Coco Chanel died. Lagerfeld’s designs brought new life to the label, adding glitz to the prim tweed suits the couture house was known for.

Lagerfeld worked tirelessly, simultaneously churning out collections for LVMH’s Fendi and his own label, up until his death.

He also encouraged new designers, like Victoria Beckham, who praised him for his kindness.

Lagerfeld was known for his distinctive look in his later years, regularly wearing dark suits, accessorized with a pony-tail and tinted sunglasses.

Lagerfeld said of his appearance: “I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that.”

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