Devotees Demand Hindi Signboards At Simhachalam Temple

In spite of having the national importance and devotees from across various states of India, Simhachalam’s 930-year-old Sri Varaha Lakshmi Nrusimha swamy Temple does not have any sign boards in Hindi. 

One will not be able to find any sign boards in Hindi beginning from the Simhachalam Temple’s bus stop at the foothill. The temple presently has sign boards written in English, Telugu and Odiya.

The devotees alleged that the temple ignored Hindi even though it gave importance to Odiya language. Approximately 14,000 devotees from all across the globe including all the states of India visit the temple every day. It was informed by the temple sources that approximately 40% of the devotees are non locals. 

A tourist from Uttar Pradesh questioned why there is no sign board in the temple in Hindi and also added that she doesn’t know English and Telugu and questioned how she would be able to find her way there. Assistant EO of Simhachalam Devasthanam RVS Prasad told that they would think of putting up sign boards in Hindi language too.

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