Contractors asked to increase greenery on ORR

Principal Secretary Municipal Administration Arvind Kumar held a conference with ORR operations and maintenance (O&M) contractors today and asked them to take all required steps within next four weeks to grow greenery on the outer ring road.

Arvind Kumar asked them to obtain hedge cutting machines and increase staff if necessary to ensure improved green cover on both sides of the outer ring road. He told that sanitation and beautification should be at par with the stretch on the airport. He told the officials to ensure that both sides around the toll gate should be kept clean. He said that he would be travelling on Outer Ring Road frequently and conducting periodic inspections.

The Principal Secretary said that attempts should be made to assure that cleanliness and greenery is sustained all along the outer ring road. Proper sweeping of the main carriageway of ORR, cleaning of entire right of way, including removal of trash and debris, preservation of medians should be done in a scientific manner. Pruning of trees where signages are available and watering of plants all along the road should be taken up regularly.

Chief Engineer HMDA BLN Reddy, Director Urban Forestry Srinivas and other officials were present.

Earlier, the Principal Secretary held a meeting on refurbishment and renovation of clocks in the GHMC area. He said that a Project Monitoring Unit headed by a special officer should be designated to oversee all the heritage works in the GHMC area. The PMU will consist of Electrical and Civil engineers and planning wing as well. He urged the Chief City Planner to express terms of reference for the proposed PMU. It was felt that the PMU would have financial and administrative powers and would work particularly in the heritage sector.

Additional Commissioner Musharaf, Chief Engineers Ziyauddin and Sridhar and Chief City Planner Devender Reddy served the conference.

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