Cancer biggest killer in India: 1,300 die every day

Cancer these days has grown into the biggest killer after heart disease. It is one of the most feared terms in the field of health and its prevalence is very high in India. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), around 1,300 Indians die every day due to cancer.

In 2018, ICMR had predicted that India might register more than 17 lakh new cases of cancer and over 8 lakh deaths due to it by 2020. In 2016, about 14 lakh cases of cancer were noted.

In 2016, leading types of cancer in India were stomach (9%), breast (8.2%), lung (7.5%), lip and oral cavity (7.2%), pharynx other than nasopharynx (6.8%), colon and rectum (5.8%), leukaemia (5.2%) and cervical (5.2%).

A girl aged two years and 10 months with a rare form of brain cancer. Originally, she exhibited symptoms of vomiting and moderate headache which became serious. She even lost consciousness a few times and her eyes lost stereo vision. After months of suffering from therapy for various diseases, it was confirmed that she had Atypical Tumor/Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT).

An emergency decompression surgery was carried and she recovered well to receive radiation therapy followed by chemotherapy.

Nevertheless, the girl started suffering from adverse effects. For the second cycle of chemotherapy, blood parameters worsened and she was sent back for recovery. Her cognitive skills took a hit, her performance in school dropped, and her speech ability altered. She was living with chemo port all day and even to school.

On reference by a friend, the girl’s parents brought her to cancer herbalist in the city. As she was only three years old, it wasn’t easy to administer her with not good tasting herbal extracts. Doctors introduced Chocolate-Holistic Therapy, incorporating high cocoa contents with low sugar and herbal ingredients.

“She was put on loading therapy for a month and then moderated afterwards. During chemo, doses were modulated to provide extra protection. With nutritional powered therapy, she sailed smoothly without any unfavourable reaction. Now, the girl continues to attend school with full energy,” said Prof. Ramesh (Chief Scientist and Cancer Herbalist) at Cancer Herbalist. Opposite to expectations, even the residual tumour resolved. The girl’s mother said, “Since it was chocolate, it was hassle-free as kids like it.”

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