Brave India

Brave India. What does the ‘Nonmilitary preemptive operation’ means to you? To me, it means Dedication, Commitment, Strategy, Precision, Intelligence, Surveillance, Planning and much more!

What were used? Fighter aircraft of global repute…

How far? From the take-off point, quite a few hundreds of kilometers. Almost a hundred kilometers out of LOC, into foreign territory …

When? After the Pulwama, when the whole world is guessing, anxiously watching what India would do … And, few weeks ahead of the elections to the parliament … And, when the entire opposition is uniting against the ruling establishment …

How? The whole world is gaping with their mouths open in awe!! No country, no leader, no critics could quickly assess the scenario to respond!!

And the stakes? Failure could be Disastrous for the country, Disgraceful for the army and irreparable for the Govt / ruling party!!

What were the coordinates? Surveillance, not only by Pakistan but by the whole world. Not only territorial but aerial and space-based. 5 most reputable fighter aircraft carrying tonnes of ammunition, over hundreds of kilometers, particularly when the whole world is alert and watchful! It requires millions of pieces of intelligence to plan and guide undetected and undeterred flight to the target. The space-based surveillance in today’s technology world is of such a high order that even your movement within your town on personal activity is tracked by someone somewhere. Moreover, the Pakistani territory where the US has high stakes base camps.

The duration? 21 minutes! 680 seconds, when even milliseconds matter.

What goes unnoticed …

The diplomatic strength of India. Even after 24 hours, no country in the world either condemned the Indian act or expressed compassion with Pakistan. It means that the world is in silent agreement with the Indian line. Such a long and deep penetration into the foreign land followed by global silence could not be possible without very strong diplomatic groundwork.

The precision of the attack demonstrates the intellectual and strategic acumen of the Indian airforce. It also shows the consensus ad idem between the Government and the Defence.

Targeting traitors’ base camps under protection in foreign lands with the finest precision has been the exclusive domain of the US alone till the other day. Now, by executing this attack, either independent of, or in collaboration with, the US, India has shown to the world, what the Indian Defence is capable of, but is restraining from.

Appreciation, admiration of any scale is too little for the bravery, valience, and ability of the IAF. Jai ho Bharath ke Fouj!! One-fifth of mankind salutes you. Jai ho!!

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