BJP would win 300+ seats in Lok Sabha polls- Amit Shah

President of Bharatiya Janata party Amit Shah claimed on Wednesday that BJP would win approximately 300 seats in the Lok Sabha elections on its own while the opposition parties would not even achieve the required number for electing the opposition leader.

Speaking to the media, Amit Shah told that Bharatiya Janata party has crossed the figure required for an absolute majority under the sixth phase of polling and that Bharatiya Janata party would cross 300 mark on its own even after the seventh phase.

Taking a jibe at the opposition parties for trying to forge fronts prior to the counting on 23rd May, Amit Shah told that it would be required only after the numbers of BJP come down. He also told that any front is going to work if BJP’s numbers come down and the party is going to win approximately 300 seats.

Amit Shah also told that he has no objection if someone wants to make Federal front for electing opposition leader since there is democracy in India.

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