All is not well in Kurnool district’s TDP. Minister Bhuma Akhila Priya is miserable with the recent improvements in TDP in the district. It became apparent as she skipped CM Chandrababu Naidu’s Janmabhoomi meeting held in the district recently. Although the meeting coincided with her father Bhuma Nagi Reddy’s birth anniversary, that’s an inadequate excuse to avoid CM’s meeting in own district that too when she is a cabinet minister. This has upset TDP leaders and cadre in the district.

Even party’s seniors are angry over Akhila Priya’s character. Although, Home Minister Chinnarajappa has openly stated that Akhila Priya still needs to learn a lot and said she will soon learn a lot. This public comment by Home Minister against Tourism Minister has kicked up a major political storm.

Going into details, it all seems to have begun when police invoked the PD Act on two persons belonging to TDP party in the Allagadda Assembly constituency and sent them to Kadapa central jail. This hasn’t gone down well with Akhila Priya. In addition to the arrest of two persons, cops have also done cordon and search as part of the procedure and this has further confused Akhila Priya who openly showed her dissent.

Instead of taking up the issue to concerned Home Minister or Chief Minister over the police action, Akhila Priya chose to quit her gunmen as a protest against the government notwithstanding being a minister in the very government. This is a serious move by Akhila Priya. Alternatively of settling the issue through talks, she made it worse. And on top of it, she was absent for CM’s crucial meeting held in her own district. 

Soon, all eyes are on cabinet meeting which is going to be held soon. It is buzzed that whether Akhila Priya will serve the cabinet meeting or not. Meantime, political developments are changing swiftly. Inside talk is that Akhila Priya has different plans. She is not very happy with the progress in TDP and hence she is said to be thinking of switching to either YCP or Janasena. As she has already crossed over from YCP to TDP, chances are that she could now jump into Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena.

Given that the Bhuma family has a good bond with Chiru family, it is rumoured that Akhila Priya may soon join Janasena. On the other hand, TDP is set on not covering Akhila Priya from Allagadda. TDP’s senior leader and former aide to Bhuma family AV Subba Reddy isn’t in a good equation with Akhila Priya. TDP is thinking over to field AV Subba Reddy from Allagadda. This is said to be the main reason behind Bhuma Akhila Priya’s upset. Clearly, Akhila Priya’s graph has declined over recent times. Even CM is not happy with Akhila Priya’s performance and the growing difference in her constituency against her. All these are said to be forcing Chandrababu to take stern action against Akhila Priya.

Even TDP’s sr leaders have chosen not to persuade Akhila Priya further as she crossed the line. TDP leaders in the district are waiting for Akhila Priya’s future course of action. Will Akhila Priya bid goodbye to TDP? Will Akhila Priya jump into Janasena? We will have to wait and watch.

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