Arvind Kejriwal to launch an indefinite fast for full statehood

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared on Sunday that he would launch an indefinite fast on March 1st, days after promising full statehood status within 2 years for Delhi, adding that democracy has been implemented in entire nation but not in Delhi. He also told that public votes to select the government in Delhi but that the government has no power at all.

The Chief Minister told that movement is going to be started on March 1st and that he is going to sit on an indefinite fast on the day for the full statehood of Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal had announced on Thursday that if the Aam Aadmi party won all 7 seats in the run-up to the Lok Sabha elections, the party is going to ensure that Delhi gets the full statehood within just two years.

The Chief Minister had also claimed that he is going to provide a pucca house to each and every citizen of Delhi if it attained full statehood status.

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