Arun Jaitley issues stern warning to Pakistan

Arun Jaitley, who recently resumed his services as the Union Finance minister has issued a stern warning to Pakistan in wake of the current standoff between the two nations.

Referring to the covert operation carried out by the elite American Special Forces, Navy Seals, to eliminate Al Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden from Pakistan’s Abbottabad, Arun Jaitley threw up an intriguing question that if the US could carry out such a mission inside Pakistani territory what stopped India from doing the same.

“If US navy seals can kill Osama, anything is possible today. A week is too long a time in politics. The way the nation has rallied behind us in the last one week, it seems like a week slipped by too quickly. I recall how the United States’ seals took away Osama bin Laden from inside an Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. We would think why can’t we do it? That was the thought. Today, we know we can do it,” Arun Jaitley said.

He also added that if one were to take the last 24 hours into consideration, one week would look like a day. The kind of things we see…I remember when the US Navy SEALs had taken Osama Bin Laden from (Pakistan), then can’t we do the same?

Addressing a press conference, he said, “Today we deliberately avoided escalation. We could have easily taken down the original target including a military target. Yet we chose not to. We acted with maturity and restraint.” He added: “If aggression is imposed upon on us we will retaliate out of self-defense. Pakistan is not pushing the environment towards war.”

Arun Jaitley’s remarks come a day after Indian Air Force Mirage jets carried out a precision aerial strikes on Jaish-E-Mohammad terror camps located in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The strikes were unprecedented in nature as the Indian fighter jets went deep inside Pakistan territory, destroyed Jaish camps in a 21-minute seek and destroy mission.

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