Ancient Sun Temples Sentient Are Carvings

Our country India is a land of mysticism and ancient temples in India only add to the glory. There are quite a few Sun temples which are dedicated to the Sun god Surya in India. 

However, we present to you the ones that were built ages ago by Kings from the ancient Indian kingdoms. The most important of the sun temples in India is the Konark Sun Temple that is in Odisha while there are various other ones while the old temples have earned a significant position in the religious lives of Hindus. 

Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat
The Modhera Sun temple that is located in Gujarat was built between 1026-27 CE during the rule of Bhima I from the Chalukya dynasty which currently performs as a popular tourist site in our country. Modhera Sun temple is divided into three segments, the shrine hall, Gudhamandapa; the Assembly hall Sabhamandapa; and the reservoir which is famously known as Kunda. 

The temple is located near the pashupati river and its architectural style has been attributed to the MaruGurjara style. 

Konark Sun Temple: 
Konark Sun Temple is one of UNESCO world heritage sites of India and is a grand old temple that still stands to this day, built in 13th century CE, 35 km away from the coastal destination of Puri. 

The Konark Sun Temple has been described as the black Pagoda by ancient European explorers but much of this beautiful temple was destroyed and the visitors can now be only able to see the 24 wheeled Chariot of the Sun led by 6 horses. 

The Konark Sun Temple is by far, the most important Sun Temple in our country and also has a small Temple dedicated to Shadow goddess. 

Sun temple, Martand:
The Sun temple is a marvelous Temple built buy the Karkota dynasty in the 8th century in Jammu and Kashmir, which is unfortunately in ruins today. This Temple holds astonishing carvings with such beautiful and intricate details which only leave people wondering. This beautiful temple sits at of the plateau with the visitors being able to get views of the entire Kashmir valley from there. 

Dakshinarka temple Gaya:
The Dakshinarka temple is situated in Gaya and finds mention in the Vayu purana and is a significant place for visiting for pind faan. Dakshinarka temple is located close to the Vishnupad temple and has simple architecture with a dome shaped top and in fact has two others and temples namely Gayaditya temple and Uttaraka temple.

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