AirAsia India drops plan to lease Jet’s B737s

The plan of leasing grounded Jet Airways’ B737 aircraft has been dropped by low cost carrier AirAsia India as the TATA Group venture carrier wanted continuing with only one type of aircraft. According to the information received from industry sources, aviation regulator had been informed by Air Asia India about the plan of using some of the B737 planes that were operated by grounded Jet Airways.

It did not follow up later and the idea has been dropped finally. the industry sources also informed that the airline doesn’t want pursuing the plan as induction of this new type of fleet would be adding the complications given the different maintenance and skill requirement and seat configuration.

One type of fleet is usually advisable in low cost airline business. It is to be noted that rivals of Jet Airways Vistara and SpiceJet took the narrow-body airplanes of Jet Airways for filling the capacity gap because of the grounding of Jet Airways and have inducted 4 and 20 of Jet Airways’ grounded B737 planes respectively.

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