A vote for Jagan is a vote for Modi and KCR, says Chandrababu

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu warned the people against voting for Jaganmohan Reddy as he is acting against the interests of Andhra Pradesh. Naidu says that a vote for Jagan is a vote for Modi and KCR who are crushing AP in every way possible. AP CM held a teleconference with party leaders. He called upon the party leaders and cadres to reveal the secret deals between the YCP, BJP and TRS among the people.

It is only following the TDP was formed that the Telugu people have got self-respect not only in India but across the world. TDP founder NTR fought back the plots of Central leaders in those days. Naidu said that similar attempts should be made now in order to prevent the Modi government from hurting AP any further. His call to the people is to throw all those parties that have done injustice to the state.
Naidu said it would not be agreeable to the TDP if PM Modi wants to visit AP only to criticise the TDP government. It would not be allowed any more and Modi should explain why his government did wrong with regard to special status, financial assistance to backward regions and so forth, Naidu said.

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