A big YES to Modi; Survey show Indians Happy!

Obviously, Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in India. But after the Times Mega Poll survey conducted online by the Times group between Feb 11-20, it is also obvious that Modi is now the most trusted politician. The poll has over two-thirds of respondents rate Modi as the next PM if LS polls happen in the near future.

Within a span of five years of his administration, looks like Narendra Modi created a huge hope making 83% preferring him as the next PM. The poll also reveals the popularity levels of Modi which are comparatively higher than any other leader.

Though Congress president Rahul Gandhi stood at the second place, he is at a remote distance of 8.33% and then Mamata Banerjee at 1.44% votings. Another poll survey was if Rahul Gandhi has won popularity today when compared to 2014. Only 31% said yes while the remaining 63% gave a no.

The poll was carried in 9 different languages. When asked to rate how well Narendra Modi’s government has done in the last five years. Surprisingly, 59.51% have voted for the very good category. When the survey asked online respondents to rate the biggest success of Modi, 34.39% voted for providing facilities to poor families from various schemes. On the other hand, the biggest failure was the Ram Temple issue with the voting of 35.72%.

When the current trending topic on Rafale was asked, only 17.5% said that it would have an adverse impact on the coming polls while a large 74.6% said it will hardly affect the results.

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