More than 15,000 Indians acquired Canadian citizenship this year, which is a rise of nearly 50% compared to that of last year. The high rejection rate of H-1B visas in the USA this year is one of the reasons for Indians to lean towards Canada PR and Citizenship, that allows them to work in the US.

Indians are the second highest number of applicants claiming Canadian citizenship this year, after having resided in Canada for a specific time as permanent residents. The Philippines are on top in this with more than 15,600 Filipinos becoming citizens of Canada in the last ten months, a rise of 11% matched to last year.

As many as 1.39 lakh permanent residents of Canada became the citizens in the ten months (up to October 30), in which the portion of Indians was nearly 11%. After the rule change in October 2017, it has become easier to fit for citizenship as the physical presence of application needs to be 3 years out of 5 years, instead of 4 years out of 6 years stated by the old norm. 

Obviously, a citizen enjoys more privileges than a permanent resident in Canada, like obtaining the right to vote, greater mobility and qualification to work in the Govt. sector. There are many H1-B workers with Canadian PR working in the US and who travel daily from Canada to the US, intending to get Canadian citizenship.

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