30 Countries are going to have a new Government soon!

Beginning from April 11, many Indian states commenced exercising their vote and by May 23rd we will see new governments sittings in many states and at the Central level too. Guess what, India is not the only nation that is going to vote this Summer.

Simultaneously with India, there are many nations, nearly 1/3 of the world, that went/going for parliamentary elections, presidential elections and also general elections. While nearly 50 countries are scheduled to vote, nearly 30 of them have prepared for the mandate this summer. Some concluded voting already and others are in the process.

The list comprises the likes of Nigeria, Estonia, Thailand, North Korea, Ukraine, Maldives, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, South Africa, among the nations that have already completed voting. The citizens of the Philippines, Australia and Belgium are going to vote in the coming days.

Amongst all these nations with different types of democracies, India is the biggest democracy and the entire world is looking forward to the result. Will it be Narendra Modi government again or will Rahul Gandhi take the reigns? May 23rd has the answer.

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