2 crew members injured, Kolkata-bound GoAir flight hit by turbulence

Two cabin crew members of Kolkata-bound GoAir flight from Bhubaneswar suffered “minor” injuries when the plane encountered severe air turbulence on Tuesday, the airline said.

Nevertheless, none of the travellers was hurt and the aircraft made a safe landing at Kolkata airport, it added.

The number of passengers on board the turbulence-hit aircraft was not promptly known.

“GoAir flight G8 761 operating on Bhubaneswar-Kolkata route encountered harsh turbulence wherein two crew members suffered minor injuries and were delivered the medication at the dispensary at Kolkata airport,” a GoAir spokesperson said in the statement.

For the last two days, weather has been extremely ruthless, the airline said.

It said the flight captain and co-pilot had a prosperous and safe landing at the Kolkata airport.

There was no harm to the aircraft and it was fully checked after landing at Kolkata airport, it said adding that the aircraft was cleared for subsequent flights from Kolkata later.

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